Norge 2011


18.06. - 22.06.2011

Travelling to Bodø, Svolvær and Kabelvåg

Starting in Bergen with rain, meeting Heiko and Marc in Oslo airport and continuing to Bodø where the sun was shining.

Getting onto the Hurtigbåt to Svolvær and watching the very nice coast until Skutvik.
... and then on the way to Lofoten we saw a lot of whales (pilot whales?).

Trollfjord and off-road survival tour

In the Trollfjord we got fish soup and afterwards we were fishing coalfish.

There was mud all over the way on our off-road trip, even shoes got stuck...
Marc: "Papa, come over here. You can do it!"
            ... and they did it.

Self-fished meals taste best!

Reine - Nusfjord - Å

We've rented a car for 3 days to be able to explore the wonderful islands independent from busses.
First we drove to Reine to meet Birgit.
After buying food in Ramberg (which has a nice beach but the weather was too bad there) we've visited

and tried to fish. At least we had some excercise.
On our way to Å we've bought some stockfish which is typical for Lofoten. (But Thomas was the only one who liked to chew on it.)

Å - Sund - Borg (Lofotr viking museum) - Ballstad


Maybe we were missing the sun, but we did not find very exciting things to see in Sund.

Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg
Highly recommended. They explain a lot of viking era and you can also experience yourself.

In Ballstad we were sleeping in a Rorbu (red, wooden fishing hut).

Ballstad - Gårdsysteri - Henningsvær - Svolvær - Sortland

They claim to have the world biggest mural in Ballstad.

In the cheese dairy they make cheese, yoghurt, cream cheese and cheese from goat's milk.

Henningsvær is also called Venice of Norway.

The further travel from Svolvær to Sortland was very rainy and therefore the pictures are not worth to be shown.
Pepe left us here.