Norge 2011


23.06. - 29.06.2011

Travelling via Harstad (bus) to Tromsø (Hurtigbåt)
With bus to Harstad
and from Harstad with hurtigbåt via Finnsnes to

On arrival day the weather still was not perfect. So we've walked through the town.
The world most nothern brewery Mack and the Polaria (we did not bowl it down).
We've visited the museum (polar) ship Polstjerna and went to Blue Rock Cafe for the famous Hamburgers.
Marc enjoyed the whirlpool in the hotel room and we went earlier to bed then the days before. We really needed it!
And the next morning was perfect for a morning run. So Birgit and I ran before breakfast.

After changing hotel Thomas had to get his start number at the city hall.
And then it was beach time. We went to Telegrafbukta had fun and barbeque.
And so Heiko, Birgit and Marc had to travel home the next day and left Thomas alone.

Oh no, already the next morning Thomas attended the breakfast run to restaurant Skarven and found new friends, nice people from Norway: Line and Mari

In the afternoon Hans Majestets Kongens Garde played music and had a march.

And finally in the evening there was the Midnight Sun Marathon.
While Mari won the marathon the second time (Heja!), Thomas, Line and Ida ran "only" half marathon.
Thomas ran a new personal best time of 01:31:40 and met David whom he had met also in Vandrerhjem in Stavanger and Bergen.

The next morning began with a worship in the catholic Vår Frue Kirke and a subsequent procession.

Then there was the award ceremony where the officials wore Bunards.

The next day was taking-it-easy in the botanical garden (reading a book, enjoying the sun and flowers)

And then during the night Thomas climbed the hill to experience the midnight sun from the top.

More pictures of Tromsø